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Dido, Lana del Rey, Cannons, Shaed, Phaelah

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Return To Me

Talk about integration.

Return To Me is all about the dance between letting go, wishing for a return, and waiting patiently for divine time to guide that return. Either between you and another loved one, or between you and yourself. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a minute to work things through and then return to our center, new and complete in present time.

In this album, I wanted to write together with Randy, for the first time in our 20-year collaboration. A wildly successful experiment which I am so thrilled to share with you all, and another integration, in which I really embraced partnership, collaboration and collective, in contrast to a solo voice. To that end, we were joined by dear friend Eve Nelson, who I wrote Return to Me with, and who also collaborated on 3 of our other tracks. Again, a wildly successful integration, and there will definitely be more of that to come. Each collaboration has been a thrilling journey, working with another dear friend and guitarist Chad Lee Jones, from my Firebird shaman tribe, Percussionist Neel Agrawal, and a very special bass player—my brother Nick Szatmari. More incredible contributions from sax player Phillip Whack, guitarist Rod Castro, and very talented MC and vocalist C Red, whose intimate lyrics on Truth or Dare are inspirational.

I wanted to stay with the world sound, as in embracing as much diversity as possible in terms of instruments and attitudes, and have come to think of this catalog as "world healing" music. The world certainly needs love and healing now as much as ever. Its always a good time for love and compassion. Please enjoy and hopefully be lifted up by these harmonious and soothing sounds. Soon to become binaural beats tracks as well! Sign up for the newsletter for announcements as to the new tracks.

"Elizabeth’s music is truly giving. I feel like I am being given to when I listen, its as if I am experiencing a big sigh."
– Eve Nelson


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