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Elizabeth W. Krasnoff, PhD, was born and raised in New York, living now on the west coast in Los Angeles and in NY city.

A lover of music and sound, Elizabeth has been a singer/songwriter since 2000, releasing eight studio albums and numerous singles. She has hearing issues such as deafness, tinnitus and misophonia, resulting in years of personal study of sound, hearing and the human voice. This includes the Tomatis Method, the Seth Riggs method, raga instruction with Silvia Nakkach, technical training with Valerie Morehouse, and shamanic healing singing with Jose and Lena Stevens. On the academic side she has the first and as of yet the only PhD in Binaural Beats and the effect of sound on the human nervous system and human consciousness. She has given numerous live performances with specially engineered sound equipment.

Elizabeth’s passions are sound, healing and consciousness. All of her study comes together in her conscious focus of healing frequencies into her vocals and track compositions. She very much hopes that you find comfort, compassion and healing in her music.

Her deafness was a gift in disguise, leading her to understand that isolation is the core illness that we all face, and that music brings us out of alienation and into a healing togetherness.